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Car dashboard Foldable tray for netbooks

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  • Car dashboard Foldable tray for netbooks


    I'd like to share my experience in building a homemade handle to put my netbook on whenever I cruise in my beloved car.

    Excuse me if the look and color of the tray may hurt your eyes, but this is a first run just to validate the concept.

    I've shot two videos :




    Comments and soundtracks are in french but the images are self explicit for all of us (I hope)

    See you there and please give my some feedback on how I could improve it in version 2.

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    don't be shy, post your comments after you've seen the vidz.
    Thanks !


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      first thing i'd do is paint that tray black or sumthing

      design is ok but not pratical to me anyway, all the dash controls are blocked in the folded mode

      Do you need the tray that big? maybe cut it so its exactly the size of the eee?


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        is this for real??


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          thanks for comments guys,
          regarding the lacking job paint, I agree it would be better looking with some colors less crude than the bare orangish tray. I considerer this run as just a proof of concept and the look of the solution was not a primary concern.

          This plastic tray might not be the ideal material for this job in fact.
          It could be considered too thin and too large.

          I think of using some sort of "molded" base plate just the size of the netbook so that its impact is minimal on the driving process.

          This sort of crystal case,

          evenually reinforced with fiber or metal would fit perfectly and its transparency could be used to make it glow int the dark with appropriate led lightening.

          Do you think the result would be more appealing while its fundamental function remains fullfilled ?


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            if you were to use that crystal case, it would be much better.

            Only thing is i'd have the case always fixed to the eeepc, and have the hinges connect into the crystal case. so when the eeepc is not inthe car you dont have a "tray" covering the dash.

            also i'd have all the USB devices connected to a hub, so you leave everythgnin car and only connect the hub when you get in.


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              Totally right

              power supply cord could be routed along the black hinge, and also just one usb that would go into the dashboard and will output the 4 ports of a, usb2 hub somewhere else on the dash board , between the front seat and/or at the rear for the backseat passengers.

              I stil have to find some sort of quick release latch to mate the crystal case to the folding metal hinge which remains bolted to the dashboard...

              Any idea boyz n girz ?


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                one tea plz


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                  tea will not come, sorry.
                  the concept is undergoing a redesign. i replace the tray with aluminum rectangular frame made of four thin L-shaped metal pieces. The hinge is also being replaced by something in the same metal as the frame and much wider than the previous black steel hinge.
                  i'll be back soon with version two of this solution.
                  the new support frame will be smaller than the base of the 901 and should be almost invisible under the latter.

                  stay in touch and thanks for reading.


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                    foldable car handle full metal frame

                    Hi boyz 'n girz ,
                    here I am again.
                    I'm back with some new enhancements to my previous solution.

                    This time, the tray looks much more high tech as it's made of metal (steel + aluminum),

                    take a look right here right now: [media][/media]