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My pc for my toyota tundra

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  • My pc for my toyota tundra

    Well here is my start ,a panasonic toughbook cf-72 p4 heavy as hell but it got it for free and it works ,it's a touchscreen and it run's xp . My mother in law died and she was a big wig in computers and I think this was the one,s she was selling to the military . No internal wifi but I will deal . Only major problem is the battery is cashed but no problem there,thats a easy fix . What do you guy's think . I've got to buy a laptop mount for the truck and I hope there is a dock for it to make things go real sweet . It has its own little carrying handle so easy to take with me . Going to for the outdoor survival thing so gps internet radio etc etc. Now if I can access the internet through gps so I could get on anywhere lol.

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    Toughbooks are a popular choice among police/fire/rescue ect for in vehicle computers and generally have a monunt available. Check eBay you might get lucky if that is what you want.
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