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Would this be a good choice for laptop?

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  • Would this be a good choice for laptop?

    Im new to the CarPc world and something like this seems to be a simple starting point.

    could this be easily upgraded? The application I would want to use this in would be audio video playback, rear cam, fusion brain with the works, a few car automations and multiple monitors if i can.

    If i am starting off in the total wrong direction let me know! i would love any criticism or help

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    Look for a laptop with a dock station

    For ease of installation and use, a laptop that provides a docking station will allow you to install and remove the device, as well as power it on, without having to mess with a bunch of cables. This is important when using a laptop. If you are not going to move the computer in and out, why use a laptop in the first place?

    I use an older IBM R51 with a dock. Kinda big, especially since I mounted the dock and computer in a foam lined (gun) case, but works well and safely mounts my laptop.