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  • Laptop boot switch

    I am new to Carputer world. I am using a laptop in my car as a carputer. This laptop is placed under the passenger seat. I learned the hard way that a big problem in my attempt is how to switch the power.

    I've scanned the Internet and this forum for solutions without a definate answer to the problem. Has this problem been solved in an elgent way that I missed?

    Solutions :

    1) Solder 2 wires to the power switch and place a boot switch in a visible location. This maybe the only solution that I can think possible in my situation. However the issue is that the laptop needs to be modified.

    2) Use Wake-On-Ring : This could be an elegant solution. In my case, my laptop modem does not support WOR.

    3) Use Wake-On-Lan : This solution may be workable if there was a device that could send the magic packets to the laptop either by pressing a button or by switching the power on. Has anyone heard of such device?

    4) Use a mechanical servo from a remote control toy to press the power switch.

    Afshin Moshrefi

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    soldering to the power switch is the best and most reliable method to control the laptop power on/off. if you don't want to modify the laptop itself then you may be able to get a docking station with a power button you could mod instead.

    instead of a remote mounted power button you could hook up an SSC like this. or even better would be to power the laptop with a Carnetix DC-DC regulator (they have a built-in SSC).

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      To answer #3:
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