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Laptop resolution issue please help

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  • Laptop resolution issue please help

    Hey there guys,

    I really need some help as im sick of having to use system restore every time i want to change my resolution. i have the radeon 9700 card with the driver installed and every time i change my resolution for my monitor or external monitor the computer locks up... i can move my mouse with the touchpad no problem but cannot click on anything (aka it dosent respond) however i can hit the windows key and the start menu wil come up (still cant click) and i can hit ctrl alt del and get my task manager but still cant slickon anything. i can click on the shutdown tab (dosent respond to clicking but i pretend the menu is there and i click where the reboot button would be if it were up and hit ctrl alt del a few wimes and then it will reboot. im really sick of this and need help, im trying to install my carputer and i cant get my resoution to the right setting and keep it stable. PLEASE HELP!


    Update, it just did it again while i was changine my power optiong (when to turn screen off... is this a frameworks issue or a hardware driver issue?) any help would be appreciated.

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    anyone out there? Im pretty bummed out that i cant use my setup yet and its all installed.


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      What kind of mouse are you using?
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        nothing to do with the mouse, i can use the track pad or the touch screen system just dosent respond to clicks.


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          i think i might have fixed it or made it better... i puled my ram out and switched the slots around and it seems to be more stable... i may order some new ram.


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            Try to DNR your driver - Delete-n-Reinstall

            You sound like you are having driver issues. Try to find a copy of DriverCleaner (it was free and the old versions still work fine). Use that or similar software to completely delete all driver files. REBOOT the computer. Install the most recent ATI drivers. REBOOT the computer.

            Now try...


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              mhmm.... after further looking into this i think it has to do with my pci internet card... but it has all the drivers installed for it.