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Why aren't more people excited about the Clarion MiND?

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  • Why aren't more people excited about the Clarion MiND?

    It's less than $400, and has a WVGA screen. It has the same exact hardware that I planned on using for my carputer--the Atom chip, 512MB RAM, but it also has a GPS antenna, the full GPS software suite, x86 compatibility for fun, BT tethering support, WIFI, and a hoard of other features...

    I could buy this for LESS than I could by a decent screen for my car (IDT-700)

    Since it's an x86 system, you could probably even hook it up TO your existing (or future) carPC setup--this being just a badass screen that also does GPS when you're not in your own car.

    No love for it? Either that or there is, but the search engine here is not good enough to find it. I tried for a while--the google results for "clarion mind" are nill.

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    1. It is lower resolution than the IDT-700.
    2. It is a smaller screen then the IDT-700.
    3. It doesn't fold up into the dash like the IDT-700.
    4. It doesn't allow other types of input such as video like the IDT-700.
    5. It only has 4gb of memory for your music.
    6. The OS appears to be locked down, preventing customization or other alteration very easily
    7. It only connects to the net via WiFi. For mobile connectivity, you have to bring a phone and data plan.

    With a screen so small, why not simply use a Windows Mobile or iPhone instead? Both can have their functionality expanded via applications or apps, both have more memory for music and both have screens that are only slightly smaller than the MiND for just slightly more. If the cost is an issue, an iPod touch can be substituted.

    A netbook can also be had for about the same price while adding much greater flexiblity and expansion capability.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      I'm amazed that nobody has picked up on the Western Digital HD Media player. It costs under $150, runs on 12 volts, plays just about any audio and video format (up to 1080p!!!) off USB storage. Video out is RCA or HDMI, though; audio is RCA or optical. It runs Linux, so it could be possible to hack to add support for navigation, engine monitoring, whatever.

      It's a nobrainer if you have a van with room for a big monitor and just want to watch movies while parked.


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        these things are $199 now and still nobody seems interested! So tempted... If I could just find more info about possible XP drivers. The Intel MID XP drivers are elusive
        G35C, still analog at the moment...


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          I just picked up a Clarion MiND from Crutchfield for $130 shipped.

          Also found some good info about running XP on this little device. Ubuntu Mobile also appears to be an interesting possibility since it supports the SirfStar III GPS chip.

          Mine should arrive this Wednesday.

          Some specs.

          4.8" led backlit 800x480 amlcd
          800Mhz x86 intel z500 mellow platform using a GMA500
          512MB 400mhz DDR2 ram (8MB of it is for video)
          4gb intel SSD
          micro sd/sdhc card slot
          32 channel GPS
          marvell sd8686 bases wifi 802.11b/g
          bluetooth 2.0
          USB2.0 full size host port
          3.5mm connector to a Realtek alc885 high-performance 7.1+2 Channel High Definition Audio Codec
          850mah 7.2v battery (upgradable)


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            I've also ordered a Mind. At just $130 I think these is a cheep and god starting platform for a CarPC mod. I think to install it with XP, and to use it together with my SpaceNavigator. Form what I've read i see that there are still some stupid issues with XP , no battery indicator and no standby mode - so I'm thinking for external battery and some kind ot USB based Start/Shutdown controller - any suggestions?


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              Can you run windows 7 on those? Can you hardwire those to the car? How readable is the screen under sunlight? I'm not expecting much, but say, comparable to a cheap lilliput monitor?

              I was thinking of using this as a rear seat media/internet access. But how could it access the main computer library? just wi-fi, and no video in?

              It's very tempting nonetheless. A cheap lilliput screen for the headrest costs more than that...heck, even a dvd headrest costs more, no?
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                Because of ACPI restriction in the BIOS you can't run Vista ot Windows7 on it. If Clarion provide a BIOS update, there is no problem to run it. Also, the amount of memory is limited to only 512 MB and can't be extended ( the RAM is soldered on board, and also the chipset is limited to 512MB).


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                  Thanks for the info. XP must be fine too. Have you solved the start up issue?
                  Worklogs: 08 Sequoia Platinum Carputer (In Progress!)
                  Skin: MetroSex on the Beach preview

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                    At $130 can you run Windows CE for i386 on it? or do you have to run an emulator in Windows?


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                      live linux iso

                      I've developed(with the help from a few others on a liveusb iso with working touchscreen, sound, wireless, compiz, video, mplayer-vaapi.
                      It's based on ubuntu 9.04.
                      I use unetbootin to burn the iso to a flash drive.
                      It can be used to install a working environment onto the internal ssd.

                      -touchscreen driver tends to crash the system
                      -wireless doesn't work after resume from suspend
                      -mplayer-vaapi is limited to hardware decode of h.264 SD content by the ul11l chipset inside the Clarion Mind.
                      -possible that the liveiso won't boot into X if the BIOS is older than 3b71.(possibly fixed in 0.4c)

                      The most recent version 0.4c can be found at