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Help!! Want to use sony 11.1" lcd to Aspire One motherboard

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  • Help!! Want to use sony 11.1" lcd to Aspire One motherboard


    My first post, sorry it has nothing to do with a car but it seems like everytime im thinking of a mod, google points me here... Anyways I got a Sony Vaio VGN-TX52b for cheap and after screwing around with it I now need a new motherboard/cpu and a harddrive cable... Cheapest I can find on ebay for both is around $300 used, thats ok I guess if you spend $2000 on the laptop but I payed only $250 for mine so its not as ok... esp $65 for a used hdd cable...

    What I have though is an Acer Aspire one motherboard that Im not using so Im thinking of using that instead.. Since I took out the dvd drive and the crap harddrive that came with the vaio, I got a lot of room to play with.. The biggest problem I see with doing this is the lcd, I dont know too much about this subject and thats the reason Im here...

    The vaio came with a toshiba lcd , here's the datasheet

    The acer came with an AUO B089AW01, its 8.9" and here's the datasheet

    It looks like the signals are similar between the two its the backlight thats a bit different and thats as far as my knowledge goes...

    My question is, is this project possible and if it is what do I need to do to make it work? I have a connector for both screens .. Thanks in advance...

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    links don't work... you should be able to upload the pdf's directly I think...
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