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  • Broken laptop

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a question that I need to know if this will work or not. I have a broken Toshiba Laptop (The Screen is cracked) its a p4 with 1gb or ram and a 80g hard drive. Can I remove the screen and just use the rest of it for a car pc in my 2006 Chevy Tahoe or keep it as one piece and that. I want to say money and use that but will get a larger hard drive. But can it be done doing it that way.

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    If it still works.
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      Broken Laptop

      It still works matter of fact I use it to connect to my 55 inch screen tv so it still works. I'm getting a new laptop but I do not want this laptop to go to waste.


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        Broken Laptop

        Can anyone give me some input on this ?? All I want to do is remove the broken monitor and use the base of it which holds everything. I'm getting real desperate with this.


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          what exactly is your question? lots of people on the forum have used laptops for a carputer, as far as I can tell the only issue is getting it to turn on and off with ignition.


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            Here is my question.......

            I have a Laptop with a broken monitor and want to know ......
            How to remove the monitor from it and use the connection to connect it to monitor. That is my question and for those who want to know its a Toshiba Satellite A75-s231..


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              If your laptop does not have a VGA or S-Video connection on the back end, you can not remove the laptop panel and connect it to a normal screen.
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                It has both connections


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                  I have a compaq presario v2000 whose screen recently went out. I googled it and found a pdf manual on how to disassemble it (initially I thought I might be able to fix it... I was wrong). I took it apart and ended up just removing the screen entirely (why would I want it, it doesn't work!). I now use the laptop (with the whole lid removed) connected to an external 19 in. monitor, and it works just fine. I use the VGA out off of the laptop though, not sure if you'd be able to connect an external monitor to the original connections, though if you can find a pin out...


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                    Than just remove the screen and plug whatever monitor you plan to use in the car into the vga port. Removing the broken screen should not be overly difficult, just use a screwdriver.


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                      removing the screen assembly on your A75 won't take much effort at all. 7 screws to have completely removed, 3 to temporarily remove while removing the wireless antenna and lcd cable from the systemboard. If you break the little hinge covers after taking off the strip cover you'll have a nice flat top machine.

                      make sure you've got some good cooling for that thing, it's a beast, also draws a lot of power being a full P4 - be careful.
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