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wake on lan not working when laptop not powered.

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  • wake on lan not working when laptop not powered.

    Alright since I cant find the plug for the power on to my motherboard I thought I would try this Wake on LAN thing. I pulled out a Very old speedstream 2690 router and hooked it up, enabled what I needed to in windows and in the BIOS. It works resuming from standby pretty much everytime regardless if power is plugged in or not. Now time to try hibernate well it doesnt work at all, power plugged in or not. So I searched more online and saw this:

    And downloaded the GUI, followed the directions and what do you know, it worked provided the laptop was plugged in. As soon as I simulated what would happen in the vehicle. (both the laptop and router power gone, laptop goes into hibernate, and then powering both of them up at relatively the same time, nothing happens). No matter what i try I cant get the laptop to wake up via the router if the laptop ever loses power in the process... Anyone have a solution to this problem? is it because my router is so ancient?

    Would it be so terrible to have the laptop connected to the battery at all times? Provided I can get this stupid thing to hibernate after a few minutes, I am thinking that might be a solution. I have set the power options to hibernate after 5 minutes and it never does, I have had to manually hibernate it so far, but thats another issue not as serious.

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    alright I did some more messing around with it and while the netbook is in hibernate and connected to power the light on the router will be green, but if the netbook is in hibernate and unplugged no green light on the router. So I am then guessing that while the netbook is on battery power it isnt allowing any power to the ethernet. I cant find any settings for this in the BIOS.... Anyone run into this problem with their netbook?

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention that this is a Dell Mini 10 I am using so I am really curious if it wouldnt be so bad to just leave the laptop connected to the battery at all times, I mean how much power can it possibly draw with the battery charged and in hibernate?