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  • Laptop in car

    Didnt really know where to put this so i put it here, well anyway here goes

    looking to put a laptop in my car and dont want it to start everytime i put the key in the ignition, so wat i am looking to do is to incorporate a button into my dash that turns the laptop on.. only i have no idea how to do this lol, do i just extend the normal laptop on/off switch or go through a power pack or something?

    thanks in advanced

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    Just extend the power button.
    That's the easiest method, but there are others.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Some people buy a dock for the laptop and extend the power switch from the dock. It can sometimes be easier than soldering inside the laptop.
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        how would i go about doing this?

        dont have a clue lol


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          What i did is open up the back of the laptop and fin the back of the power switch that starts the laptop. On mine it was a pain to branch into the switch as mine had like a mini ide cable that i had to burn and cut to ge tto the wires. i then extended them out of the side of the case and to the front of the car. Then i just wired a laptop car charger onto the ignition to charge the laptop when it is running.


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            I know that I am responding to an old post...but in case there are new visitors to this post. I actually performed an internal mod on my netbook. Soldered two phone cables to the switch and solder the other end to the modem port (which I do not use). I soldered phone cable (rj11) to a momentary switch I purchased from the MP3Car store. The cable plugs into the modem port on the netbook which respond when i press the button.

            Newer Laptops or netbooks no doubt probably do not have modem ports...not sure..some may. But perhaps a similar mod can be tweeked for external power switch. See my worklog link in my signature.
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