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my proposed laptop setup, any comments welcome

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  • my proposed laptop setup, any comments welcome

    its a bit all over the place, but..

    im using a toshiba sattelite laptop with an extension onto the power button to the dash.

    s-video out to s-video in on a standard 12v lcd 8" tv. another option might be VGA out from the laptop to composite or s-video into the TV.

    wireless keyboard

    rollerball to navigate or hand held 'presentation' type mouse thing (or currently researching touchscreen covers)

    i plan on using a proper stripped out version of win98 with custom startup screens for boot speed, and configuring it to shutdown or hibernate when running on batteries. line in a power supply connected to the cigar lighter wiring (switched power)

    running sound from the headphone socket, though the HU and out through amp and speakers.

    any glaringly obvious problems with this?

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    Go to the 'user innovations' subforum here and check out Webmaster's auto-on module. Hook your power button to that, and laptop will turn itself on when you turn the key. I have one and it's been working well for me.


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      I have had 3 Toshiba laptops (R15, M400, M750). None of them output to the external video port on boot until you switch through a keyboard shortcut or once booted to windows. And those drivers only work with XP/Vista/7. Might want to check that. Also why would you ever use win98? Strip down XP, and then you can use every program available.
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        Are you aware of the limitations when using a low resolution video screen (blury text, 'small' windows desktop)