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    So I'm about to replace my current build with an hp laptop. I have a 7" lilliput in my dash already, so obviously I will still be using that. I'm sure those of you who are using laptops are also using 3rd party touch screens, so my issue is as follows: We all have these perfectly working 10-17" (or so) displays sitting around in our trunks, under our seats, etc. not being used at all. I suppose i'm just looking for inspiration for what to do with mine - perhaps a display for the rear seats (maybe coming down from the ceiling, i dunno) or maybe even something for the people driving behind me to watch I guess i'm just looking for some inspiration. What have you guys done with your extra laptop displays?

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    Now this may just be me, but that seems like more trouble than its worth trying to extend the cables. Also if you relocate the laptop the lcd would be the primary display and the third party would be secondary depending on drivers and software. Right? or am I thinking of old school dual head issues?
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    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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      mmm - yeah i think that's a bit old school. One can easily set the external display to be primary. I've got Ubuntu right now, and when i was testing out my lilliput, i set it as primary and the laptop's lcd still worked. since they were set to "mirror" each other, the lcd's res was pretty low (cause the lilliput is smaller), but it seemed to have worked


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        The main problem will be extending the lvds cable. It is very prone to interference and the length is limited to around 12inches or so if I remember correctly.
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          I have extended a LCD cable from asus eee 701 for about 50-60cm, shielded the cable and have no interference at all.
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