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    I know these pop up all the time, but here's what I'm going to do with my laptop - I wanted to get some advice on implementation.

    I have a Compaq/HP Presario x6000 laptop - the battery is dead, so it's useless as a laptop and just takes up space on the desktop. I'm going to put it in the car for my car PC, but I'm torn.

    Should I dismantle the laptop, harvest the screen (and put the casing back together so the lid shuts), and pull the ROM drive, then mount the laptop in the truck, into a wooden enclosure/box with fans...


    Should I keep the laptop as is, disconnect the main display, then mount it under the passenger front seat?

    The car is a 2010 Mazda3 i Touring with the moonroof/Bose system. I'll be hooking this into the Aux port, but still driving control through a touch screen (which is hooked up through the VGA port in the rear of the laptop)

    Also - do any of you with laptops/PCs under the seat have problems with rain/dirt/dust? I figured it'd be a constant issue with a daily driver.