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Viliv's WinXP-powered X70EX MID now on sale in America

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  • Viliv's WinXP-powered X70EX MID now on sale in America

    just ran across this brand new UMPC

    comes in 3 configurations.

    what do you think ?
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    Looks nice. Price is comparable with the Guru. Only thing that seems limited is expansion. We as hobbyist know that having the ability to add-on is vital for future innovation. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      that is very true, however, arent most if not all additions are USB ?
      with a nice 7 port USB hub i think this UMPC should serve very well as a carputer. it has pretty good specs for a car PC, as a matter of fact it looks like it was designed for that purpose.
      and it also offers 3G connectivity...
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      2007 Toyota Tundra Double Cab SR5
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        yes but having multiple items on a hub as well as multiple hubs causes headaches that a non-hobbyist wouldnt want to deal with. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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          it is not that new but only now available in the us (and europe). it appeared in feb 09 in hong kong.

          do you think it is possible to attach an external usb 2.5 disk withouth additional power than from the viliv device.

          how does it compare against the new archos 5 internet table. archos has fm and more disk capacity models (up to 500 gb) and n draf wireless. viliv has webcam, hard buttons and toogle, windows xp, instant on.

          hmmm which one?


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            personally i dont see the use of wireless and such disk capacity in a car.
            personally i believe viliv would serve better in a car enviorment. i believe it should be able to power an external disk , but it will drain the battery faster, but since this isnt a concern in the car you should have no problems.
            it seems though as the viliv has only one USB port so attaching a hub to it would be the best solution
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            2007 Toyota Tundra Double Cab SR5
            >"Say what you mean and mean what you say"<


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              This is actually very interesting, but I've seen the video on the Street Deck Blog:


              Lots of glare, definitely not transflective, say, as some iPaqs? I wonder how it fares against the Xenarc 700 TSV or the standard Lilli 629GL
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                that XP setup looks nice... I like it.


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                  you know, people are asking me how i can install pc's into their cars now... i am seriously contemplating using something like these. it would be all too easy and clean. just fab the bezel for this to fit and run a couple power wires. done.


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                    Nice looking machine, but weak processing power and very pricey.
                    If those two problem are not a concern for you, definitely a good solution.
                    usb expansion should be an easy thing, even if you have to hack up something to provide power to the USB ports for those hardware that requires extra juice.


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                      Viliv X70 as Carputer...

                      Hey guys,
                      I purchased this from a few months ago when it first became available. The first thing I did was reformat the drive with Windows 7 and it runs great. I bought this device primarilly to replace the laptop/monitor setup I had in my car. Originally, I had a laptop in my trunk hooked to a xenarc 7" touchscreen mounted on my dash. The setup worked fine like many other folks on this site, but powering on and off the devices was always a chore. I was always looking for an all-in-one solution and then the Viliv UMPC came around.

                      I have to say that I'm extremely happy with the Viliv X70. Yeah, it's a tad expensive at $599 for the base model, but it's well built and is a perfect solution for my needs. One of the best features of the device is the mounting hole on the back. You can purchase a car kit that comes with a special suction mounting bracket and cigarette power adapter. Granted, this thing looks like an oversized gps device in my windshield, but it's a nice option to have. It's also very easy to remove the device from the mount. I also have the leather case that utilizes the same mounting hole for attachment.

                      For those of you that were thinking of installing this device within the dash, keep in mind the power switch is on the top of the bezel, so you would need to either leave some clearance for a finger or some external switch hooked to the main switch...just a thought.

                      Now, onto the performance and the touchscreen...
                      I think the biggest issue I have is that the touchscreen it's not very sunlight readable. I didn't expect it to be since it's not transreflective. My Xenarc 7" 700tsv wasn't very readable in sunlight either, however, the xenarc had a matte finish and the Viliv is a will see a lot more reflection. Overall, the screen is pretty bright and vibrant except when in direct sunlight.

                      The cpu performance is adequate for an intel atom running with 1GB of ram (max). It's no speed demon, but I tend to use it mainly for web browsing and slingboxing. I do have office 2007 installed and it runs just fine. I purchased the cheapest version that came with a 16B SSD...definitely not the most space, but there's an SDHC slot that I have a 32GB card for movies etc.

                      One important note is that there is only 1 usb port on the device and it is very low powered. You will have issues running an external portable drive that isn't powered on it's own. Obviously, the solution to this is to just hook an external usb port hub that has its own power source.

                      The Viliv X70 has a built in webcam (located on the right side bezel, which can be annoying because you will be off-center when video chatting). There is also built in wifi, bluetooth and gps. The GPS is pretty unreliable in my opinion. I've tried to use iguidance on the X70 and the GPS is just not that sensitive. It takes forever to get a lock on satellites. It's not a deal breaker for me since I usually just use my sprint blackberry's free gps software when I'm out and about.

                      The X70's power switch can be used to go into standby and it can last for a loooong time before the battery dies. I think i've gone 5-6 days on standby. The best part of the standby is that it wakes up in mere seconds and you're good to go--a perfect carputer setup. The battery usually lasts 4-5 hours with screen brightness maxed out and wifi and bluetooth on.

                      This device does not require any special inverter for powering in the car, which is fantastic. The car kit cigarette adapter just plugs in and runs fine. I no longer need to use my inverter hard wired to my car battery (thank you best buy for that setup).

                      Viliv also makes a 5" version that's similar to the X70, it's called the S5. Now, I can't understand how you can really use windows on such a small screen, but for those of you that are thinking of going down this route for a carputer, you may want to check out that model as well. I think it was priced similarly to the X70, but it may be cheaper now.

                      Anywhoo, I'm pretty happy with the versatility of the X70. When it's not in my car, I use it when I travel and it's wonderful and light. The leather case is very well designed and can be used as a stand when you don't want to hand hold. I find I whip out the X70 on the plane all the time to slingbox with GoGo wifi or just watch my movies off the SD card.

                      Feel free to ask me questions!


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                        Originally posted by sergatiuk View Post
                        that is very true, however, arent most if not all additions are USB ?
                        with a nice 7 port USB hub i think this UMPC should serve very well as a carputer. it has pretty good specs for a car PC, as a matter of fact it looks like it was designed for that purpose.
                        and it also offers 3G connectivity...
                        I agree. I am in the process of getting my serial devices onto a USB adapter. Reason being is that alot of computers are no longer adding serial ports, so I had to get out dated stuff. Only this is, you have to make sure the HUB or USB device always has power, otherwise devices will not work. I also know that some devices have to be on a onboard USB port or the PC will not recognize it. I have about 5 devices that do this.
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                          I was looking at this, but a slew of tablets and UMPC's came out at CES, but this is one of the few that's being sold with a free car kit in some cases.

                          The price is a bit off putting but given the cost of a decent in-dash navigation unit, its reasonable.

                          The problem I have with using either a smart phone or UMPC type device is voice turn-by-turn Navigation. I can hear the voice on my G1 with Google Maps with Navigation upgrade. I have yet to put to an actual routing duty yet. I can hear it over the stereo if the volume is kept reasonable.

                          But over the stereo and road noise?

                          Added: I watched the YT videos with Streetdeck 2 running on it. He also had it connected via USB a HD Radio tuner, Sirius Radio Tuner and a USB Soundcard, all connected to his G35 stereo.

                          I would much rather have this than a Garmin, I hope this gets covered more.

                          Added: The Ipad is underwhelming for all the internet hype it generated. The problem I have with most of these things is that your tied to AT&T for 3G Data. T-Mobile does have a 3G USB Dongle, not sure if it would work with this however.


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                            This is a nice little tablet. I downloaded the user manual and it is chock full of goodies. I think I will make this the carpc for my volvo, but I'm waiting for some of the newer tabs to hit the market (except of course the iPad - what a joke that is) before I fork out the dough.

                            You can get the manual

                            and check it out.
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                              Panda Pad MID 7 Inch WiFi 1GB Android 1.7 Camera Gravity Sensor + Rii 2.4G Wireless

                              CPU: VIA MW8505 600MHz
                              Software: Google Android 1.7
                              Screen: 7 inch LCD, with IPS technology, 800*480px
                              Wireless Network: WIFI 802.11 b/g wireless lan

                              Language: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese (If you need any other national languages, please contact with Pandawill before order)

                              Memory:Built in 1GB, support TF card up to 16GB extended
                              Multimedia codes: Support MP3, MP4, AVI, Word, Excel, Mail, PDF, video online
                              Netbook support: Ethernet 10/100M, WiFi: 802.11B/G
                              High-fidelity stereo speaker output

                              Camera: 0.3 Megapixel
                              3.5-mm stereo headphone jack
                              Dock connector port
                              Multifunctional adapter (1 RJ45 port + 2 USB ports)
                              Usb Port: USB 2.0
                              Battery 1500mAh capacity (last 3-4 hours)

                              Other functions: WiFi, Alarm, Calendar, Contacts, Documents to go, Email, iReader, Maps, Browser, Voice recorder, Gravity Sensor

                              Size: 199*128*16mm
                              Net Weight: 407g

                              Package size: 230 x 168 x 81mm
                              Package weight: 802g
                              Color: Black/Silver (Optional)

                              for more information,please check