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Need help with my panel pc

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  • Need help with my panel pc

    Hi all,

    I'm quite new to this forum (i have read quite a bit here but only just registered) so if i'm posting this in the wrong place, please let me know.

    I have a panel pc lying around doing not to much so i was thinking to try and use it in my car, mainly as a mp3 player because my standard radio is allmost dead.

    It is an industrial panel pc "IEI afl-07a-lx/wt-r/256MB".
    It came with a clean WinCE 5.0 os on a CF card, it starts up nicely and works like a charm, touchscreen and everything. Just have to install it in my car and hook it up.
    But (and this is a big butt there is allmost no usefull software on the cf card, the only thing is a small version of media player with very tiny buttons, not very usefull on the road because i will have to use a stylus or something.

    I have tried to install xpe end xp versions on cf cards, usb-hdd and usb sticks and nothing seems to work well. xpe is just a little to much for me to build, and xp is just too slow and i can't get the touchscreen working right with xp. The usb-hdd will install xp but on reboot i get a bluescreen. Questions from me to the manufacturer of the panel-pc learned me that the usb-hdd will not work (driver issues).

    I could buy a xpe version on cf card but that will be very expensive and i just don't have the money laying around to do so.

    I have searched the net a bit for usable mp3 players for WinCE 5.0 but with little succes. The few that i found gave an error on install stating that it was the wrong software for the wrong device (or something like that).

    I can however play around a bit with Visual Basic 6 (beginners level), but i don't think i can compile that for WINCE5.0.

    Can anybody help me out to get this thing working? Like i said, i would be very happy if i could only get a fullscreen mp3 player with big buttons on it. At the very least that would be a start.

    Or maby someone could help me building a xpe image for the device so i can try to use xp software on it (more choice in software)?

    Thanks for any help,