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  • Starter switch laptop power on

    This is a diagram of a relay to show you a simple way to power on your laptop when car is cranked.
    You will need to find your wire from the ignition switch that go's to the starter. When you crank
    your car the starter has a momentary switch that will send power to the relay only when cranking.
    Put hot on pin 86. put a ground on pin 85. wires from laptop power switch on pins 30 . 87. If you use this
    you will need to setup in windows to do nothing when power button is pressed.
    To turn off laptop i use ShutControl found here on mp3car. you probably can find color code for the starter wire with a google search for your make and model car.

    TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY. This is the setup i use works good for me Click image for larger version

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    It saves pushing a button.