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need help with netbook purchase

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  • need help with netbook purchase

    i know tis is a car pc site but you guys have always been helpfull with my car pc and i figure you guys put youre netbooks through more abuse than most.

    ok so heres the deal my better half wants a netbook for christmas and to be honest i havent really been keeping up with the neetbok thing so im looking for your for advice.

    dont really have any certain requirements. she will mostly use it for online stuff but i would like it to be something decent.

    i was hopeing to get he the new asus
    but it appears it wont be released in time for christmas and i have a habit with being late with gifts and want to avoid that this time.

    so my second choice would be the this samsung

    but is it worth $600?. i really dont know whats out thier at the moment so please dont hesitate to make recomindations. id like to keep it in the $500 range but will spend more if its a better deal. and SHE would like it to be purple if thiers any out thier but i wont let the color be above performance.

    any help is appreciated.
    i dont just suck at spelling i also suck at typing.

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    Hi everyone.
    I am buying a new netbook soon having elegant skin so will you suggest me some
    website providing netbook with nice skins?


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      well thier a suprise somebody acutally answers this thread and its spam. i guess i was wrong when i said this board was helpfull.
      i dont just suck at spelling i also suck at typing.


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        Is it still pre-Christmas?
        The links have long expired, but today my mum finally bought an MSI U100+ after comparing MSI U123 (the same except shell) and various ASUS finally settling on the 1005 range. The MSIs are N280 (1.66G), 160G HDD & XP Home; the ASUS 1005 N270 (1.6G), 250G HDD & Win7 starter. Otherwise similar 10.1", 1G RAM, with USBs, bluetooth & wireless-N. ASUS battery allegedly 10.5 hours; MSI ~5 hours in practice.

        The U100+ was chosen for its colour. The MSIs were chosen for the $200 lower price tag (did anyone mention under cost?).
        ASUS was initially the only consideration for their quality and service reasons. But MSI seem to have made inroads.

        Whilst both are only Atoms, I presume wanting a netbook implies "not C2D" etc.

        As to getting spam, I assume you have allowed admins to email you directly (the default setting for this site).


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          my better half wants a netbook for christmas
          Don't order the netbook online. Take your wife out for shopping, and let her select the one that she likes the best. (You don't want to buy the wrong color, etc)


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            Originally posted by Marvin Hlavac View Post
            Don't order the netbook online. Take your wife out for shopping, and let her select the one that she likes the best. (You don't want to buy the wrong color, etc)
            That right there is way better advice than which specific computer to purchase.
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              Plus sometimes it's things like keyboard feel or size etc. (That was one big eliminator for she who shall not be named.)

              One last minute change was "no white keyboard" (because they show dirt, and maybe look cheap, but can also be harder to see) which became white. But that was because some inconsiderate prick bought the last of the grey-shells, and the remaining 2 black-kyb "shells" were unacceptable.
              (Yes - you guessed it - my next job is buying my own of the same model and transplanting my black kyb into hers... Warranty voidance is irrelevant - it'll all be my fault anyway...)


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                I'm using an asus Eee PC 701 Surf 4G. But any Eee PC other than the 2G would have been fine by me. I got it for $150 shipped on eBay. Bought a BU-353 GPS, XM Direct, 250Gb Scorpio Blue HDD w/ external enclosure, 4 port USB hub, Eee Car Charger, Internal Touchscreen w/ internal USB hub, Internal Bluetooth, and Lilliput 701 for the dash. Hooked everything up in the glove box. I put an aftermarket Headunit (pioneer) under the driver seat and extended the harness to connect it to the factory amp/speakers. I then extended the faceplate to the dash so I have some "Pre-Amp" settings and master volume. Not to mention, I can still play AM/FM if my computer fails for some reason.

                I built the system so that the laptop can be removed and used elsewhere. Say I need to do some e-mail or something in a hotel/business trip, or if I would like to have my media portable. Even the GPS can easily be pulled from the dash and sticks right onto the back of the screen.

                Total cost was less than $500 considering I had the aftermarket headunit, used the factory amplifier, most of the wiring/fuse/relays, and had an external HDD enclosure.