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My way of remote turn on the laptop

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  • My way of remote turn on the laptop

    Ive been reading many post about people having problems turning on thier laptop remotly. I found a simple and easy way to remote turn on your laptop ( even a normal computer) without opening up the laptop. The concept is that you can tell the computer to wake up from stand by mode if you click on a keyboerd or a mouse. So what I did was open a mouse and located the right click switch of the mouse. I then soldered two wires going from the right click mouse to a remote switch. I then also cut the red led that comes from the mouse and soldered it to two other wires and reconnected the other side of the wires back where the led was. with all that done I went into the setting of the computer and told the computer that when the click on the mouse is press to wake up out of stand by mode.It only works in stand by mode.
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