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  • Carputer

    I have done extensive research into integrating additional hardware into my new vehicle (2010 Camaro) and have a few questions about product choices. For the first phase of mods, I plan to install:

    PathfindIR IR camera made by FLIR;
    Boyo Backup Rear View Camera;
    Lilliput 619GL70 7" touch screen LCD monitor with dash mount;
    *Asus Eee PC T91GO netbook;
    Microsoft Streets and Trips with GPS antenna.

    My first question is: Can the T91 netbook handle 2 video feeds as well as having the GPS software running all at the same time? The reason I'm considering netbooks is that I have very limited space in my vehicle to mount anything larger. That being said, I'm left with having the netbook in the glove compartment. Placing it under my seat isn't an option either in this vehicle. I have considered the trunk, but would prefer to use that as a last resort. Also, I'd like the laptop to be powered on/off automatically when the vehicle power is applied and when the power is removed (turn the key, so to speak.) What hardware would I require to achieve this?

    For my second question:
    My end goal is to have the option to view either the GPS feed or either camera feed through the 7" screen. I want to be able to manipulate the system with maximum ease while driving so as to avoid too many distractions. Is there any possibility to make the feed choices via voice command? Seeing as the LCD screen is linked to the computer, I could manipulate the GPS software from the driver's seat with relative ease.

    In the event that I am unable to use a netbook for this purpose, is there a way to connect another 7" touchscreen to the system so that the GPS could be programmed from the passenger side as well as from the driver's?

    This setup may sound odd to some, but being in the airforce I'm used to having one person "driving" while having another "navigating." I find this system, when I have someone else with me of course, comes in very handy on longer trips.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.