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    After 5 years of service my car pc died (well, murdered actually while traversing a water filled ditch!).

    When selecting new hardware I decided that it would be good to be able to easily move the pc from one car to another, as I have three vehicles that I regularly use.

    I came across the EEEPC in a local computer store, and immediatly thought "if only that had a touch screen". When I got home I had a search on the net, and found loads of touchscreen kits for the 701 The only downside to the EEE, is it's measley 8Gb ssd drive, however it does have a built in SDHC card reader, which will accept 32GB cards!!

    The touch screen is easy to fit, and it's controller is also a usb hub, which meant I could fit the GPS receiver inside the screen frame, and also a 32Gb flash drive for storage, plus another 32Gb in the sd slot!.

    I have now got most of the project completed, touch screen is fitted, GPS receiver fitted within screen frame, usb DAB up and working. I have again chosen to use RoadRunner as my front end.

    So far all is working well, and because of the mounting position, on top of the dash, I should have no more water related incidents!

    I will post some pics soon.

    Thanks to everyone on the forum who helped me to get it all up and running smoothly.

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    It's nice to be able to remove your CarPC (netbook) easily, and bring it home or to another vehicle. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures. Also, after you have had the time to test it, give us some feedback on the performance of the GPS receiver you built into the screen frame.

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      Have a look at my install here

      It has GPS built into the device, 500GB, battery to run 7 hours, low energy consumption (i leave it on with screen blanker all night on car battery) and is super mobile

      Okay, only 5 inch screen but believe me it is big enough for navigation, video and mp3 playlists.

      Or wait for the new tablet PCs