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Full HD capable UMPC?

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  • Full HD capable UMPC?

    Okay, so originally I was looking at (and foolishly purchased) an EEE (901ha???) netbook. I found that it was not capable of running video of any significant resolution.
    I then looked into splitting the duty of my main CPU between the three screens, but that presents problems when running multiple instances of the same program and also multiple individual audio lines. So I trashed that plan (luckily before spending any money this time).
    So then I was stuck as to what to do and finally landed on a main CPU and two UMPCs for the "secondary" functions. The secondary systems would access the same HDD as the main CPU for music and movies, but only the main would be doing anything else.
    So I just need a UMPC that is of decent size (8.9" 1024x600 or better), touch screen, fanless (headrest mounted), Windows 7 capable (to network right with the main CPU), wireless, and is capable of processing and displaying full HD and/or encoded (DIVX and the like) videos and playing audio for music. So, totally easy right? Apparently not. To get a UMPC supposedly capable of this costs more than the laptop I am currently writing this on, and when I read reviews they are NOT actually capable of what is claimed. I am speaking in this case specifically of the Archos 9 ( ) which SHOULD be capable but reviews say is not. Also, the 1024x600 would match my planned in dash (main CPU) display ( ), which theoretically should simplify things.
    SO - since I cannot use the Archos, and the EEE can't do it, either, what do you all suggest I look into next?
    I don't need much "extra" functionality, what I mentioned should cover all my bases.
    Also, if it matters at all the secondary screens will display only videos and play music per the viewer's choice OR if chosen on the main screen should just duplicate the display of the main CPU, like a secondary (mirrored?) monitor.
    Sorry I always talk too much.
    Electronics work on magic smoke - don't let it out.

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    Well, this isn't looking very promising...
    Electronics work on magic smoke - don't let it out.