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Android tablet or Netbook. Which to get

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  • Android tablet or Netbook. Which to get

    I am trying to decide between mounting an Android tablet in the dash, vs putting a netbook in the trunk area and running a video/USB cable up to a touch screen monitor. Any thoughts as to why one vs the other??

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    I just bought the viliv x70 for that same purpose, I had the atom box in back and touchscreen monitor in dash. this is so convienent just waiting on delivery of wireless usb hub and i will be complete. The viliv is not cheap but it has everything in it and is built with quality. But on to your question, It all depends on the software you want to use to pick an OS, both your solutions will need some sort of modification for power on switch. SNO
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      Due to the current price points of the Android tablets, and lack of CarPC-like functionality (though the Car Mode is kind of nice), I'd still say go with the netbook. You'll get more bang for your buck, plus have all the OS-of-your-choice options that are already available, instead of waiting for someone to develop one for you.
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