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Ignition-mod to control via arduino/tablet with lock code

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  • Ignition-mod to control via arduino/tablet with lock code

    Hey guys!
    I am new in here, and these requirements are part of my first ever car project or even any damn thing that I've done in life!

    Basically, all I want for the moment is something to grant me access to my car's ignition only after I input a 4 digit code, either into my android tablet (that's already fitted as my in-car infotainment device) or an separate/standalone Arduino UNO.

    -when I key-in, and turn the ignition lock to "ON", I want either the tablet or the arduino to ask me the 4 digit lock code
    -when I punch in the correct code, the engine should start by itself or have access for an electronic push button start

    I was thinking of hacking into my ignition harness and install in-between a relay switch which can be operated through the tablet or the arduino. Correct me anywhere you feel like. Because my idea is more of a fantasy, rather than practical use. But I guess, that's the purpose of this website, huh?

    If I am able to execute this small wish properly, I want to go further by trying to control my power windows.

    If this thing is already built or someone out there is tryin to accomplish the same stuff, please help me witha link or help me with your better-ideas and your valuable inputs.

    Thanks a lot! Looking forward for all your replies.

    P.S. - I have 2010 Chevrolet Spark with ZTE-V9 android tablet in perfect harmony with each other using Torque and ELM-327 Bluetooth OBD-II adapter.

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    No one in here having any ideas?


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      i think it is possible, but the programming needed for the arduino is above my expertise.

      i think one of the missing steps would be to use the arduino to activate a remote starter-- the cheap ones you can find at auto parts stores. that would take care of most of the difficult parts of starting the car and make your arduino programming easier(you would only need to pulse the arduino output to simulate the button press.)-- like safety switches, delays, and watching for rpm's/voltage from when the motor finally turns over so that the starter shuts off.
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        It sounds like you want an auto-start kit with an added combination lock. But then why not use its remote anyhow?
        And if you are already in the car....

        As to other controls, it depends what controls them. Switches & relays are usually easy, but bussed protocols etc... with security... especially if proprietary.

        But IMO, a uPC can do anything - bearing in mind that it is you telling (programming) it what to do. There is nothing special about them; but you have to understand what you are intercepting and out-putting.
        I'm more into bypassing existing systems - eg, being able to close windows without IGN or electrics....


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          i think this can be done using a phidget i/o board and an remote start add on module with an addition of a latching relay since the remote start module will cut off after 30 mins or so. phidgets are now android friendly, so that would have to be your i/o interface.

          it's a cool idea, but what if your tablet breaks. are you going to have a way to start the car?

          another option... haven't thought that much about it yet, so there may be some things im overlooking. is the phidget board that has debian built into it. it may be possible to interface with it using the android tablet (via web ui?) os well as having some sort of saftey/override

          the cool thing about that is you could use the additional outputs to control other aspects of your car (windows, lights, locks, etc) and even use some of the inputs to monitor temp, tire pressure, etc...
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            Heyya All!

            Thanks for the replies guys! really appreciate it!

            Coming to the point, I think what I will need to mention here is that, I live in a 3rd world country called India, the smooth easiness of getting "first world products" that you mention in your posts, is not quite that easy and smooth here.

            Forget the after-sales-auto markets and forget the local auto stores. When I say, I wanna do something, its always DIY here for me (I dont own a lotta money! Infact I am 46 times poorer than you guys, 1 USD=46 INR)
            So basically I do not have access to any remote starter kit or any remote locking system. If I can understand the concept, I am more than ready to execute it.

            So can we start this thing again from the basics please?

            Thanks a lot, once again!


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              So a program for the Arduino - unless you want some discrete hardware or circuit (a combi-lockj can be a simple as 4 SCRs and a few resistors....).

              So find a program for the Arduino or write your own that does the combination lock to open or close a relay to enable manual starting; or relays with their programmed sequence and crosschecks etc to auto-start (ie, more inputs & outputs - throttle & ignition sensing; brake/gear/neutral/park-brake (& road-speed) sensors, throttle control etc).


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                can you order things from sites like
                My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
                "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

                next project? subaru brz
                carpc undecided