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andriod tablet in silverado

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  • andriod tablet in silverado

    hi i am new to this place but i have been playing with computers and car audio for years but i was wonder is there a better way to hook the audio form my tab to the headunit other than aux port i want to get the best quailty i can get i have the ideos s7 slim tab and a premire 5000ub head unit or would be best to get rid of the head unit altogether

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    i am a fan of headless setups, but i'm biased..

    i really don't believe there is a better method.. some hu's have a usb connection for devices like ipods, but i really don't know if that connection allows for any better audio quality then using the tablet outputs.
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      ok the is pretty good using the aux port so i will stay with that i just need to relocate the head unit now so i can put my tab there im getting ready to install it in the dash i will post pics as i go!


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        well i have mocked my tablet in my silverado dash and used the idea from the guy who did the dvd hack . so i used a pc cd player and rip most of it apart and got the motor to work off of 5v my using a cell phone charger to reduce the 12v to 5v and add a double throw momentary switch to make it go in and out so i can take the tablet in and out of the truck when ever i will have pics soon.


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          Ever finish this project?