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  • Habey BIS6620

    I would like to buy this little thingy from mp3car store:

    Can anyone tell me will this work with regular WinXP PRO and Centrafuse?
    90% of time I'm listening music and using navigation.

    I see that it requires 12V power.
    Can I use some power adapter for notebooks which outputs regulated 12V?
    I have one M4-ATX intelligent power supply laying around, can I modify it somehow so I can use it with Habey?

    Does Habey have some intelligent power supply in his case?
    When you turn car ingition ON, does PC turns ON automaticly?


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    It uses regulated 12v and they recommend the CarNetix CNX-P2140 as it outputs 12v. It will run winXP pro and CF. Sell your M4-ATX in classifieds and buy the 2140 or trade for one. Then you will have your intelligent power supply and a great little box to play your music, your nav app and whatever else you desire SNO