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How to Auto POWER ON Laptop -CARPC

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  • How to Auto POWER ON Laptop -CARPC

    I am planning to use my dell700m as a carpc...
    I have read this forum links such as this one...

    But is quite confusing as much the info is scattered..

    Can someone suggest what is the best way to power a laptop...I have a 12v inverter the one whioch connect to cigrate lighter i can use that...

    Can a wake on lan method be used? adv / disadv..

    Is there any relays required.... What will be the use of the relay...I wish there was a video to show how this can be done.


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    Moved to a better section.


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      Welcome to Mp3car,

      One of the best solutions to power a laptop is to use one of the Carnetix P/S. It will handle all of the startup, shutdown proceedures as well as provide amp trigger, 12v for the screen and 5v for powered hubs.

      Take a look at post #7 & #8 in my worklog below. I belive you will have a similar issue with the dell (as it needs an ID signal as well) but easily worked around.

      I believe there another thread from about the same time I posted #7 & #8 that helped me but it was more for the Dell laptops.
      My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE