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Possible Motion LS800 build

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  • Possible Motion LS800 build

    I'm really surprised there isn't more talk about these tablets in the forums. Maybe there is a reason why?

    Anyway, here is my plan.

    Buying a view anywhere LS800 tablet along with either a 8.9" resistive or capacitive overlay. I want to tear the tablet apart and fabricate it into my dash like my last build (not a tablet though). Is there any reason this shouldn't work out? I can't find any internal shots of this tablet. I'm assuming I would just have to extend a few cables to seperate the screen from the rest of the unit.

    Any advice or guidance on this plan?

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    it seems that windows-based tablets really never caught on.. there are a couple guys running windows-based tablet setups, though many of them are members taht have been here longer then i have.. though for $300, i am starting to reconsider(not a big fan of android-- i like my pc's to do more)...

    i think your are in uncharted territory with pulling it apart-- as you might know laptops/tablets really aren't required to meet certain universal spec's on how they are made, so while one model could do exactly as you need it to, another might not work at all like that..

    also a bonus that you won't need to worry about--all tablets already have a touch screen, so you shouldn't need to add anything in that respect.
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      Well with this tablet, you have to use the stylus. I would prefer to use my finger to navigate.

      These tablets can be picked up very cheap, so even if I couldn't make it work, it wouldn't be a huge loss.


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        There is one user that had a Motion tablet in his SUV, but it was not dismantled. Its a very good tablet. Another use dismantled a Fujitsu tablet and installed it in his dash.

        I say, go for it. And keep us informed on your build status.
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          I was looking at the fujitsu tablets initially, but I don't have the dash space for a screen of that size. The LS800 has a 8.9", which is just about the maximum I could put in there.

          I'm keeping an eye out on ebay for a view anywhere version. If the price is right, I'll pick it up and get started. I'll make sure to document it along the way for anyone else interested in building a carpc around one of these.