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Who is getting spdif out of their tablets?

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  • Who is getting spdif out of their tablets?

    I was wondering how you guys are getting digital audio out of your tablets. I have seen Soundman's work on the ipad but it looks like he ran into problems so he abandoned it. I also have not found any projects where you can get SPDIF out on an Android tablet. So has anyone here had any luck?

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    I'm guessing by the lack of responses that nobody is.


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      part of the issue is both the lack of/limited options optical car audio devices and the expense of the available options of those devices.. if you want optical, you really almost need to get a $800 audison bitone....

      and i am beginning to believe that the major part that is holding back newer devices is the comfort of the industry. since i have been tinkering in car audio for the last 7-10 years, very little has changed-- the amps that were used back then are now highly sought after for their sound quality, but they connect exactly the same as nearly every brand new amp i can buy now... the older amps that had optical have died off, and we still lack source units that have things like optical inputs/outputs or other supporting gear like that.. i keep seeing new products, yet the market feels stagnant to me...

      and btw, i'm not affiliated with soundman car audio didn't even know they existed until their ipad installs started showing up here!
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        I have a bit one that I want to do this with so having the equipment is not really an issue

        FYI I don't know if there is really that much of a lack of options.

        Currently there are
        Bit one
        Bit ten

        In a few months (fingers crossed) there will also be
        Arc's processor
        Helix's DSP

        Some of these are very affordable. Really, the next big thing will be a tablet + a processor in a car. Specifically a 3g tablet. You get all the benefits of a network connected tablet + all the audio features you need for a great sounding car audio setup + an analog audio control knob (actually a very big selling point of this idea for most people). The biggest limit I see is the lack of tablets having spdif out. In fact, not a single tablet I have seen has spidif output. My guess is that it has something to do with content companies influencing tablet makers. HDMI is ok with stake holders because it has copy protection + you can't easily remove the digital audio signal for perfect copying. The audio is interleaved with the video so splitting the two is cost prohibitive. It could also be that tablet makers don't see a need for such a feature, it's hard to tell now a days.