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HP's WebOS running in HTC EVO 3D.

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  • HP's WebOS running in HTC EVO 3D.

    Since HP announced the release of the webOS source code, the recently abandoned operating system has grown a rather loyal following. Progress has been made in homebrew development and in custom builds for webOS native devices. Many forum members have been clamoring for a port of webOS to Android devices for several months now. Initial ports were expected to appear for the Motorola Droid or its GSM counterpart, the Milestone, since the devices share the same OMAP3 3430 processor with the Palm Pre (the very first native webOS device).Recently an HTC EVO 3D was spotted running a build of webOS 3.0, the version that came with the notorious HP TouchPad. Originally posted by Ryan Hope (@_puffthemagic_) on Twitter, the 3 still images of webOS running have now been supplemented with a YouTube video that can be found here. While not functional enough for actual use, the operating system boots without issue. Ryan originally started work on the port before HP released the source code for webOS. With the release of both the Android kernel and the full webOS source porting progress can only move forward from here. Could this mean widespread availability of webOS ports on Android devices soon? Depending on interest level and developer involvement, it is a possibility!
    If webOS is of interest to you donít forget to check out our webOS forum section here. Want to get involved? Developers and *nix experts, check out the webOS Software and Hacking section here!
    That's very exciting, can't wait to see more Android devices running WebOS. Why? I can give you an example.

    One of the things I hate about Android in the car (Honeycomb or ICS) is the little home and back buttons at the bottom of the screen. Physical buttons are a must, and in that dept. the Ipad is better than nothing.

    HP's Touchpad however, running WebOS 3.0.5 is much better. Besides having the hardware button, like the iPad, it also makes it easy switching, closing and opening apps, using just gestures. The so called "card interface" works much, much better than the icon collection present in most iOS and Android Devices (Icon cum widgets). No back buttons needed: just slide your fingers UP and then you're in the card view: flick to one side or the other and chose the app, etc.

    With Android, if I'm in the Nav interface, and I want to switch to Pandora, I have to find that damn home/back button.

    If the port is successful, and the community stays behind it, I predict more and more apps will be available. I just really need a good NAV app and a DLNA app and I'm done.
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    I can't stand the buttons either! I found an app a while ago on the android market that allows you to control the device more akin to WebOS, it is called GMD GestureControl and has made android quite a bit more practical for me, I can even draw letters on the screen to open specific apps without having to look at what i'm doing until the app is open.