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Motherbaord w/ i3 or i5

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  • Motherbaord w/ i3 or i5

    I'm needing some xpert advice on this topic. I'd really like to get at least a i3 with whatever miniitx motherboard i decide to go with. I need to know however the disadrantages of that versus one of the lil atom processors. Obviously power consumption and heat is less with the atoms. But while i'm using my car i wouldn't think the little bit more power it uses from an atom to an i3 would be much of a problem. Does anyone have any strong opinions either way?

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    i really don't see a reason to go above the i3 unless you have some really demanding needs like on-the-fly hd video encoding or extremely advanced audio processing..
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      I went for the i3-2100T 2.5 GHz 35W, and have to say I was impressed with it's performance and only 35W.


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        im using an i3-2100 also and its great theres no hesitation in any of my programs. im using a foxxconn h67 board ,hey dont judge it was cheap and it was my first build im gonna upgrade to a better board later one like the ASRock using a m4-atx power supply but i recomend the m2-atx since u dont need that much power and also the auto"push button" power for it seems kinda of flawed .i have a boot time of about 20s whith my set up but i also have a SSD which cuts it down too.


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          How about the Cedar Trail (D2500HN, D2500CC, D2700DC, D2700MUD, DN2800MT), are they as bad as the predecessors? I want to use ATOM board cause most of them offers passive heatsink.


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            I dunno im just not a fan of embedded chips u could give specs out the *** about them low powered chips but IMO i just like a mid powered chip and board and i love the i3 its cheap and give good amout of processing for anything u want to throw at it . I havent had one issue running any new games or programs . Lag is not even a problem on hd videos and games . Im quite happy with my setup i would like to upgrade the motherboard though blahhhh foxconn boards