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FitPc 2 For Sale and power issue

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  • FitPc 2 For Sale and power issue

    Hello Everyone,

    So I am in a little dilemma...

    I decided to purchase the FitPc 2 2.0 GHz computer for my 2005 Subaru Legacy. I have everything working great on windows 7 with Centrafuse 4.0. My only issue and concern is that this model does not support Wol so I am not able to turn it off. The computer runs all day and all night. For now my car battery is not having any issues starting up in the morning. My question is how long will it take for this FitPc to drain the battery at idle? I did some research and it said it idles around 7-8 watts. If anyone could help me with a break down of a normal car battery which I have and how long it would take to cause the battery to die would be much appreciated.

    Also I am probably going to buy the FitPc 2i version that does support WOL so I can actually put it to sleep and wake it back up with an Xobyte power regulator. If anyone is interested I am willing to give them a good deal on the FitPC 2. The FitPC 2 is in perfect condition. The only thing that was altered was the power cord when I used it in the car. I re-spliced it so it is now operational again for home use.

    Here are the specs: CompuLab fit-PC2 2GB/2GHz (rev 1.4) Atom Z550 2 GHz, RAM 2 GB, bay for 2.5" SATA HDD

    If you have any questions feel free to give me a shout and please let me know about the power issue. Thank you!


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    I'm not really sure why you need WOL. WOL stands for Wake-On-Lan, which keeps a small amount of power flowing to the network adapter chipset and some other essential peripherals. You can send a packet to that adapter's MAC address (there's no IP in this situation, mind you, since the computer is powered off), and that packet can turn on the rest of the computer.
    I suppose that feature can be used to power up a PC, but then you need some other device that monitors your car ignition and sends that packet. Why not just buy an automotive power supply that has a startup/shutdown controller and connect it to your FitPC? I realize that it might not have external power button leads, but you could open the case and find which two leads get shorted when you press the power button. Also, a lot of FitPCs can automatically turn on when power is supplied, but that doesn't resolve a problem of monitoring ignition to turn the computer off when the car is off.
    As for the battery drain, I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure car batteries aren't made to power low-power devices for extended periods of time - it will ruin them. Car batteries are made to give a lot of current very quickly to crank the engine during the ignition phase. Maybe I'm wrong about that part though, and someone else could chime in.
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      I want to use the WOL to put the computer to sleep when the car shuts off and wake it back up when i turn the car back on. I will use the Xobyte power regulator to turn it off and on. It sends a magic packet to wake the computer up. The FitPC2 in sleep uses around .5watts which is extremely low and barely noticeable.