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Nook Color in a 1995 XJ Jeep Cherokee

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  • Nook Color in a 1995 XJ Jeep Cherokee

    G'day everyone,

    The last guy who put a NC in his Jeep craigbru directed me here for a more tech oriented community than the Jeep forums.

    I am trying to dash install into a space that's no wider than a standard DIN and can't easily be modified to be any wider without really hacking things up. Unfortunately the PCB of the nook (which I wish to keep in landscape orientation) is an inch or so bigger!

    What I am planning on doing is separating the PCB from the LCD and running the board back horizontally (ie: deep into the dash). I am going to get and gut a two din car stereo, affix a flat piece of ABS on its front behind which the display will be mounted and the board can sit on risers and run along the depth of the stereo box (it will poke out the end slightly, but I will mod some plastic protection.

    This involves extending the LVDS and the touch interface ribbons. My question is - will extending these alter impedance to such an extent as to cause me any drama? If so I will have to mount it some other way (read modify the dash extensively).