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11.6" Windows Tablet

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  • 11.6" Windows Tablet

    Not sure if this might interest anyone but I have been using this Bmodo tablet for a client in their trucks. It is a quality build, very thin and lightweight. We use with the built-in 3g option for connectivity. If your looking for a quality tablet this is it. SNO

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    This tablet seems to be unavailable... Not sure how 600 pounds converts to US dollars but what has your experience been with it?

    With it being an Atom based processor it sounds like it would be slow compared to the surface computers.



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      Try this link well is slower than a surface tablet this was before win8/surface specs came out. But it runs perfectly using win8.1 no complaints from any of the drivers using them SNO


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        Looking for something reasonable to bring to school that uses "real" windows and not RT.

        Would be nice if they had a keyboard that is designed for it like the Surface do since I would be using it to take notes etc on as well as being able to run standard windows programs.

        I would get the Surface 2 except it is an ARM processor and win RT. The Surface 2 Pro stuff is really nice but expensive so something like this might be nice.



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          The onscreen keyboard is surprisingly nice with the size of the screen. The drivers never complain about entering in gps routes sending emails or when they need to do scan and send. I think for the price and what you get they are a very good deal. a nice quality build and nice and thin, battery life is actually very good too. Be warned they don't have any of the 3g models left you need to find a Bmodo branded unit to get with 3g and that will most likely only have a 32gig ssd inside not the 64gig like in the Vibe. Don't forget they also have a built-in Bluetooth that works very good for your keyboard should you need one. SNO


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            Have you taken one apart to see what kind of SSD they have?

            I would probably use it as is until the warranty runs out then upgrade the SSD if possible. Otherwise 64gig seems like it would be minimum.

            Probably wouldn't get the 3G version since I will have WiFi available.

            (At home, at school and off my phone if necessary.)

            I would feel more comfortable with 128 gig with all of the development stuff and office 2010 I would want to put on there for school but otherwise sounds like it would work. I have a Gaming laptop I have been using but that sucker weighs 10 lbs and is worth over $2000... So bringing it to school seems a bit risky not to mention carrying it on the bus gets heavy when you add the support accessories that probably bring it up to about 20 lbs and the battery only lasts about 45 mins...

            So something like this that is lightweight but yet still powerful enough to compile .net programs under VS 2012, Run Java programs and still run office 2010 and can be used for 3-4 hours between charges would be great for me... If I REALLY need lots of processing power I still have my gaming laptop...

            And the pricing seems about in line with the Surface 2 (ARM version with RT) I have like 4 licenses for Win 7 pro and 4 more for 8.2 but all 4 of my 8.1 licenses are being used so I would be fine keeping it under Win 7 and upgrading it to Pro with one of my "educational" licenses.

            So in short it sounds like a great find. I will have to consider getting one. Looked like the version listed there was $360 canadian which I don't know how that compares to USD at the moment.



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              Yes I have opened a couple of them up and they run a sandisk sdsa4dh-064g not the fastest but it works fine. very responsive. I thought it said 329.00 cad which would be around 300-305 usd range you should get the docking station too they have rj45 and 2 more usb ports plus the charger plugs in as well. They carry well too, I think you can almost use a ipad sleeve and we use the ipad Ram mount bolted to the dash in the trucks, tablet fits nice and snug. SNO