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Tablet as display monitor??

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  • Tablet as display monitor??

    I want to intall a car pc in a boat and want to be able to control the audio from the dock or shore. Is it possible to use a tablet for a tft display monitor? Can I link it via Bluetooth or wifi? What would be the best front end?

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    i think bluetooth is only thirty feet ...... it would be easier to use a bluetooth presenter device but you would still have the distance limitations of bluetooth.


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      On my boat I use a nook color running a remote dektop app to the PC connected via the wifi hotspot on my phone, the resolution doesn't match up 100 percent, but it's close enough and it works well. I get control to about about 100 feet from the boat. I use riderunner for a frontend.

      I've thought of ptting in a dedicated wifi router, but that actually complicates things using the phone for internet connectivity
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        you can use dual routers with one as a wireless bridge to create the network. one router connect to the phones hotspot and connects to the second route which wirelessly connects to devices. its what im using in my car. i would guess that your range is limited by the wireless protocol but you could always get more sensitive attenaes to boost signal strength.


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          That's class 3 bluetooth. If you get a better quality class 1 it will be 100 feet.
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