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Tablet: android or iOS?

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  • Tablet: android or iOS?

    After staring at my blank touch screen for too long I've decided to swap out the carpc for a tablet. A major reason is that I just don't have the time for windows, I'm a Mac guy.

    Even though I'm a Mac guy I'm fairly interested in what android is doing.

    I have a MacBook Pro and a iPhone 4S which means I'm still contract tied unless I pay the cancellation fee.

    I'm still debating the merits of a 7" or 10" form factor. 7" if I do a semi-permanent I stall or 10" for in-home use.

    However the bigger issue I'm debating is which OS to go with?
    Android? Or iOS?

    A possible deal maker would be hands free but at the moment I've almost cut all my driving time calls. Another would be connectivity to view forums but even then I'm pretty happy with one hand driving and reading.

    Any opinions?

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    Get iOS, I hear the navigation in 6 is awesome.

    The merits of both have been debated to death on the forums here, and it all comes down to: You need a frontend application. There are only one or two, so figure out which one you like best, and use that to choose the OS.
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