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Nexus 7 car install 2004 E53 BMW X5

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  • Nexus 7 car install 2004 E53 BMW X5

    Hey guys!

    I have been a member, sucking info out of this forum since 2005 without repayment!

    I thought I would give back to the community with a COMPLETE breakdown of install and capabilities of my Nexus 7 install

    I welcome comments and questions here or on the tube.

    Enjoy the show- It's 16 min but packed with info; It could save a tablet install prospect hours of research and I hope it does!

    Link: Nexus 7 car install 2004 E53 BMW X5

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    thanks for posting the video. nice job!


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      Well done. Thanks for posting!

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        Thanks guys!

        Quick update. I got OTG and Charge working via no-wipe root as I instruct below. This is done at your own risk!...

        Installed Universal_Naked_Driver_0.72 for Nexus 7
        Downloaded and put in root folder of Nexus 7
        Rooted Successfully w/ motochopper n7 (No wipe)
        Backed up All aps and system settings (Titanium BackupPro)
        Had to reset BMW Live wallpaper
        Downloaded ROM Manager ClockworkMod Touch and used ROM Install option to point to timur file above.


        *OTG: Enables Nexus to operate as USB host for KBs, sound cards, memory, etc.

        Happy Hacking!