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Bill Gates Shows off Concept Ultra Portable Tablet PC at WinHEC

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  • Bill Gates Shows off Concept Ultra Portable Tablet PC at WinHEC

    Bill Gates showed off a concept ultra portable Tablet PC with a 7-inch LCD display today during his keynote speech at Microsoft’s WinHEC conference. Good old Bill says that the device is planned to have integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, and do all that tablet PC’s can do despite its small size.

    Microsoft is pushing for ultra light, ultra small devices with long battery life costing between $500-$800. Who knows if this will actually manifest itself into something tangible for the consumer, but time will tell.

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    I wonder what kind of specs those things will have.


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      i just want to hack it open for the screen and hook it up to my embeded PC


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          Looks small enough to be "clipped" to the sunvisor...
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            I also found this by INTEL but no pics yet.


            Intel shows 8.9" Mobile Entertainment PC slate at WinHEC

            During the Industry Viewpoint: Realizing Intel's 2006 Mobile Platform Vision WinHEC session, Intel showed off a fully functional demonstration version of future slates. Here are my notes from that session:

            Mobile EPC Model

            * Ship in 2006 as an "On-the-Go Entertainment PC"

            * Specs

            8.9" wide screen

            2.5 lbs

            Fanless design

            Touch screen with hand-held controls

            EL Panel (Electroluminescence)

            Bluetooth wireless technology

            Integrated popout camera


            GPS Navigation System

            Detachable DVD Drive

            Fingerprint sensor

            This example has a red case

            * This PC supports full media center experience - Detachable DVD on the back

            * Full blown Sonoma platform

            * Usages


            Synch-and-Go - watch movies, play games, and listen to music through car stereo

            Outside In - access music, photos, and personal media on your home network while away

            LBS Points of interest - find restaurants, city guides, and directions

            Share media - show pictures, stream video through friend's digital media adaptor

            In the home:

            Download media from home devices

            Secondary PC

            * How On-the-go digital entertainment works - synch-n-go demo

            * Plug in for Media Center Edition to allow to take content on the road

            * Scan local home network to find UPnP server installed


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              Originally posted by imaxorz
              I wonder what kind of specs those things will have.
              Based on the purpose it was designed for, it will have to have very very good specs for something that size, its the only way that its going to run the beast that is longhorn. i.e. at least 512 mb ram and a 3d processor.
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                I think this will a great thing to be used inside our cars and since the screen is touchscreen hopefully it will be visible in the daylight. I've heard the battery life is very long, hopefully it will have USB feature so that DVD or CD-rom can be connected as well as GPS.

                It will be a good replacement for the current car pc's plus if you think of it 500-800$ isnt that much expensive when you consider you have a touchscreen 7" pc in your hand that is almost the same size of an ordinary 7" touchscren monitor (lilliput, xenarc,...)


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                  sounds like a competitor for the Mini
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