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Shutdown controller for a laptop questions

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  • Shutdown controller for a laptop questions

    I have just installed my CarPC and begining to see why there is such a thing as a shutdown controller. I am new to this whole field but am excited about learning. The CarPC works beautfully, but I do not want to go into my trunk eveyr time I want to turn the computer on. What do I need? All I need to do is to be able for the computer to go into standby or shutdown when the car is truned off but when the car is turned back on I need it to power up without me pushing any buttons. Help please!?

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    To use the SDC (ShutDown Controller), you need to access the laptop power button. You either hack the laptop power button switch to get the 2 wires/pins to use with the SDC or you have to get a docking station and hack the docking station power switch.
    The SDC will send a power pulse (push or connect 2 wires of the power button) when the key is turn on (car's ACC goes hot), and send another power pulse when ACC goes off for X minutes/second.
    The hardest part of using laptop for carPC is get to that freaking power button switch.
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