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Bringing laptop out of Standby mode

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  • Bringing laptop out of Standby mode

    I've got a perfectly good laptop, a recent model Gateway, that I carry with me all day long as I travel between customer locations. Most of the time I don't need the machine on site so it just stays in my bag. I might need it twice in one week. Got to thinking that it would be a perfect system for me to get started on my Car PC project without spending a ton of money. That way I'd be able to learn a lot and be well prepared when I build a real Car PC.

    I'm thinking I'd start with a setup where I stick the laptop under the seat and get a gooseneck mounted touchscreen display.

    The problem I can't solve is how to turn the machine on and off. I think I really need to use Standby because it only takes about 10 seconds to come out of it. It's easy enough to put the machine in Standby mode. Bringing it out is the challenge.

    The keyboard has special FN key combos for that, but the lid will be closed and under the seat.

    The power button for the machine in on the inside surface and again the lid will be closed and under the seat.

    My system doesn't support Wake on Ring. It does support Wake on LAN and I've tested that, it works. I have spent much time here ing and ing and it appears that there is no practical way to Wake on LAN.

    There is no docking station available for my machine. I don't want to open it up and do any soldering -- the machine is still new and under warranty and I don't want it f-d up.

    Two questions:

    One: where can I find a magic Wake on LAN black box for $50? Kinda kidding, but seriously, I'm sure one could be made to sell for that much if someone had the resources to design one and there was a market for a reasonable quantity of them.

    Two: What kind of creative, non-technical, work-arounds are there? i.e. - should I just leave it turned on all day long, sit it on the seat, use some kind of goofy mechanical device to reach inside and press a button?
    How to bring a laptop out of standby with WOL features

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    You are not alone here. I too have been looking for a laptop power solution w/o soldering. This would be great if someone had an answer to this besides, its not posible or .
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      In Standby mode, USB is powered, is it not? What about a USB keyboard or stand-in that can emulate the function combo to bring it out of standby? Hell, maybe even a PS2 one, if USB isn't powered. Every laptop I've seen (and that isn't many, heh) has at least a PS2 keyboard port, sometimes also a PS2 mouse port, on the back of it.


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        I would just get a laptop mount and use the laptop, under the seat is not good for a couple reasons.

        1-chances are you will scratch your laptop on your seat rails at some point
        2-Dust and carpet fiber will get into your laptop fans
        3-it will tend to slide around and most of the time, depending on your car, end up in the back seat on the floor lol
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          That's a pretty good idea and solves several problems.

          1 - don't have to buy a new touchscreen
          2 - solves the power issue too

          What's the preferred way to control the system then if you don't have touchscreen?

          Also, I know that RAM is a company that makes a lot of mounts. Is there anyone else that is recommended?
          How to bring a laptop out of standby with WOL features


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            Found a great solution - woohoo!

            Linksys WRT54G Router
            Sveasoft Alchemy 1.0 firmware
            The following command saved as startup using command shell in Alchemy:
            /usr/sbin/wol 00:03:25:21:47:6D -i
            Edit: I've posted this as a new topic in the General Hardware forum here.
            How to bring a laptop out of standby with WOL features