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Laptop screen extension and fabrication of mount

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  • Laptop screen extension and fabrication of mount

    This is pretty much my first post so here goes. I got pretty much everything set (Thats not too true now that I think of it) but my build is gonna be a little different then the rest. Instead of getting the normal 7inch screen and mounting it in the center console, I want to try using the laptop screen.

    I will mount the laptop in the glove box and the screen seperately. I saw this thread and it gave good hopes on extending the screen. My question is, should I make the wire for the 50pin connector on the motherboard, or use the two seperate plugs for the LCD controller and backlight board. See Picture. While soldering 50 very small pins might be fun for some of you, the feeling is not mutual. I can probably do it, but I am looking for suggestions here. I am thinking of making a wire for just the 20pin and 7pin.

    The other is the fabrication of the mount. While its hard to explain, I will do my best. Instead of inside the center console, I will mount it on the side. When stowed away, it will be near the passenger's left leg on the side of the console. When in use, I will slide it (using drawer sliders) up, then rotate/flip/tilt it into my view (from parallel to perpendicular to the side) using a friction hinge. This seems pretty complicated, and I am up for better ideas. If you are confused I will try to explain it differently.