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laptop hardware?

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  • laptop hardware?

    newbie here. i searched a bit but didn't find enough info to make an educated decision. i was hoping for a laptop-specific forum to make my life easier. this has probably all been discussed in various forums all over the board... so, i'll gladly accept some flames if you include an answer to my questions.

    i want to run a laptop for GPS. it must be startup and shutdown controlled from ignition source. i want a docking station so i don't have to hack the power button on the laptop. i'd rather hack the dock if i have to. so i'm looking for suggestions on the hardware that you'd choose for this.

    * laptop with a pretty bright display
    * docking station for above laptop to work with SSDC
    * SSDC for above
    * GPS receiver that will accept an external antenna

    my dream machine is a toughbook, but let's pretend i'm not that rich.
    brand names and model numbers would be great, thanks.