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Why dont people use laptop components?

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  • Why dont people use laptop components?

    Hey there, I was wondering why like people dont just use laptop components such as the mobo in there and such, I know they use their cd drives and harddrives but why havent i seen anyone use the mobo? Is there a downside to this? You could get a used or really cheap laptop for say 400 or less. The motherboard inside is typically like half the size of the actual laptop and some people claim that they dont use laptop because theyre too wide and long. So if the laptop were small enough, wouldnt just buying a laptop and ripping it apart be the easier route? Thanks guys.

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    There are plenty of people here who use laptop computers. Also there is no need to rip them apart because they are laptops and laptops=mobile. I think you are refering to the people using laptop drives and hard drives and the reason being is to cut down on voltage. If you are using a dc-dc power supply such as the opus and ds-atx, which a lot of people here seem to pefer, then one must watch their power draw.


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      have you ever stripped a lappie and got it working without its case ?
      I tried and it just was way too much pt, the amount of proprietary connectors inside is frightening, what I would suggest the next time around is a half stripped lappie, keeping it within the framework of the case not stripped completely
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        Cost... more $$ than desktop stuff.
        D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

        Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

        Read the FAQ!


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          They are more expensive, harder to modify, harder to turn on and off, and are a pain in the ***...honest truth even though i have one..

          Basically you will spend twice as much time and money on a laptop and still not get the same result as using a ITX board or similar

          I have my laptop setup only because i took the time to strip the lcd off and the a large amound of the case...I then spent time wireing in power supplys and soldering in a switch to turn it on and off...connecting it to the ignition was to hard and i didn't have time or money to do so..but i am happy with my solution with a button on the dash...

          I also have the problem that i only have one USB port and i am unable at this moment to conect my ipod, the hub i am using says i have exceeded power of the hub..even though i have it connected to power....dam windows...

          anyway i would recomend go proper and get a proper case with a ITX board or similar. you will get better performance, more compatibility, more usb ports and a lot more help is available.