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Laptop in hybernate mode quastions

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  • Laptop in hybernate mode quastions

    Hello, i desided to go with a dell C600 to run my carputer. im trying to work all the kinks out of the system but one main thing im trying to do is find a simple way to control the pc. I want it yo always be in hybernate mode instead of shutting down, cause it powers up quicker that way, i will have the laptop run on 2 batteries and have them charged while i drive and run on them while im not. My quastion is how can i get the laptop to get out of hybernate mode and power up when it feels AC current.. or what other ways are there. Thanks

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    1) Ideally, you don't want to use AC currect. The car provides DC. The computer uses DC. Rather than convert DC to AC and back to DC, you're better off with a DC power supply for your laptop. They aren't all that expensive ($50-75 or so) and far more efficient than using an inverter.

    2) To pull the laptop out of hibernate, you typically press the power button. Some computers (desktops, mostly) have a BIOS setting that will allow boot when they receive power. You need to look in your BIOS to determine if yours has this feature, but I seriously doubt it does.

    You've stumbled upon the most significant hurdle for using a laptop as a vehicle PC: Turning it on automatically when the car starts.
    Do some searching around the forums and you'll see some pretty creative solutions.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      significant hurdle? why?

      All laptops know when their screen is in the open or closed position via some sort of switch (be it mechanical or magnetic) located somewhere in the case. Find said switch by poking around the laptop/internet a bit, then tie those wires into a relay triggered by the ignition, or use a startup/shutdown controller depending on the nature of the signal needed.

      Simple. Just takes a little lookin' and pokin' around the 'ole laptop.


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        What I did for my laptop was solder a wire (extremly small wire, like 20ish gauge, about 6' each) to each side of the momentary power switch (power switch for laptop)(be careful, they are surface mount, so you can burn right through them with a soldering iron), and solder those two wires to another momentary switch that I could mount in the front of the vehicle. Essentially duplicating the power switch on the laptop. This allows you to turn the laptop on, or bring it out of standby/hibernation.

        I also have my inverter (haven't bought a dc-dc power supply yet) on a relay, so the inverter only comes on when the key is in the ACC/RUN/START positions.

        I have a writeup (kinda) on what I did HERE