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Tablet PC - Possible?

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  • Tablet PC - Possible?

    I posted this in another forum - but I guess it belongs in the newbie threads instead...

    Is something like this possible? If so, how would I wire the whole thing together? If not... why not?

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    attatch dvd w/a usb cable to pc, have headphone connector out, split into multiple rca left/right inputs. These go into the amps. Have the 2 channel amp power the subs and a 4 for the speakers. +power wires+ground wires+remote wires+startup/shutdown controller, probably a dc to ac power converter....a lot. I think you need to figure out how to wire this yourself, cause if someone just walks you through it, you will never be able to fix it yourself...


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      well you found the right section of the forums (the FAQ) the only mistake you made was posting in it instead of reading it

      the answers to your questions are all here, just browse through.
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        Don't post your questions in multiple sub forums. Moved Altis post to this thread and deleted the other one.
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          I went through the FAQS for about an hour... didn't see anything on using tablet pc's - and if they would actually work when being hooked up to my amp's and speakers - and some possible negatives with using it.

          If anything, a link that could answer some of my questions regarding this specific topic would be greatly appreciated.


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            A whole hour? Wow, it took me almost a week of constant searching to find all (or at least most) of the information I needed just to get started.

            Tablet pc will work, but it's not really worthwhile IMHO. Will the tablet pc be just hanging out on your seat? Will it be somehow molded into the dash or installed in some sort of removable bezel? I'm guessing the PC will be touchscreen, but without knowing what kind of car you have, how you intend to mount and such, it's difficult.

            Some random thoughts.

            Car - what kind of car do you have?
            Power - how will you power this thing?
            Startup/shutdown - how will this device know to startup, shutdown or hibernate?
            Mounting - how will the device be mounted in your car?
            Interface - what do you want to use to interface with your carpc needs?

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              no, an hour is sufficent if you ahve a gnereal idea.

              Anywyas, listen. If you want a tablet pc in there, there are a few things you need to have going for you
              1)a dock
              2) a secure attachemnt to the car for heavy braking...i mean, really, the shifter always wins agianst a TFT LCD in the game "who'll break first".
              3) space

              Other than that, and an extermal audio card, a bit of software tweaking, and what not, you'll be fine. I mean that...i'm running a tbalet PC in my car and the only difference between yours and mins is that your's apprently still has a working screen. The main reason why not too many peope have done this as because tablets are expensive, there's alot of difficulty in attacing it serucrly and as you want to the dash, and it totally doesn't ahve a "stock" look. No mattery what you do, unless you recess the dash and do hours of fab, nothing you can feasibly come up with will surpass the look of you just sticking your TPC on there with about $10 worth of velcro...which you should probably consider do as its the cheapest solution for the look.

              Hey, i had a pocket PC in my car for a while. Whasn't the prettiest, but it was fucntional and people still liked it. And yes...i used velcro .
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                Why do some people spend 15 minutes being decidedly unhelpful, rather than spend 5 minutes just giving helpful advice? Were these people abused as children?

                Has anyone heard of the "Ignore List"? and for THAT!