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  • Question to Laptop users

    I have a small query for people using laptops in their cars.

    The issue i need to know is how the hell do you get the screen to maintain the resolution. I am running the Karputer 7" motorised dash monitor.

    I needed to get the laptop resolution to 640x480 as its the best size resolution for the application im running.

    originally I couldnt get 640x480 to show as a resolution available for the screen. Ive used powerstrip and been able to set the default screen resolution for the laptop to 640*480. That now works everytime when I reboot the machine. The problem i now have is that the laptop is sitting on a port replicator and thus i am needing to press Fn+f4 to output to the screen. Now after using powerstrip i am finding that the screen is not displaying the screen anymore. I however can boot the machine up but once its on the desktop all of a sudden the screen goes blank.....almost after it loads the powerstrip services.

    Anyone got any Ideas?

    Is there something im doing wrong with powerstrip?