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laptop, how can i keep the vga port ALIVE

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  • laptop, how can i keep the vga port ALIVE

    so when i close my laptop, my vga port disables? is there a way to stop that?
    i have a inspiron b130 from dell pretty new lappy, i just want to use my lilliput while the laptop is closed.

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    When you close the lid of your laptop, there must be a latch or a push button somewhere that gets pushed that initiates that. Find it and hack it off. The downside is your LCD screen is still gonna be on and consume power unnecessarily.
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      on my old dell lappy there was a function button that changed crt/lcd. i think it was function F10 Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        You sure it's not suspending? Check the windows power settings to make sure it isn't set to 'Do this action on lid close' : Suspend


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          there is an option in the software see pic. The vga should stay on - mine does when you close the lid.
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            even if i set it it still doesnt stay on. i think it the dell... iono what to do i just put a shirt over the screen and keep it under my passenger seat... i still dont get it


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              have you looked in the bios?

              If you press the switch displays button and turn the LCd off then it should work fine.