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Video playback problem - laptop car pc

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  • Video playback problem - laptop car pc

    So I have my laptop connected up to an external screen via vga and 'clone' settings on the laptop graphics card so that everything is exactly the same on the car pc screen.

    However, when playing any form of video through roadrunner, mediaengine or even windows media player, the video plays, BUT it only shows on the laptop i.e. the video seems to be playing on the external screen but nothing is appearing.

    Now this seems a bit odd to me - why is it only playing back on one screen when its supposed to be a clone monitor ?

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    Because your laptop can only support one 'overlay'. Meaning you can see video on the LCD OR the monitor. On some laptops, you can have the video on the Monitor and TV output, but not the lcd (when all are connected)

    If you have an ATI chipset, go into the display properties > Settings > Advanced, and then the display tab, you should have the option to set the LCD or Monitor as 'Primary', that dictates where the video overlay will show.


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      Thank u thanku thanku ! I have an nvidia card but set the exernal monitor as primary and all works perfect now !