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Laptop auto-power on?

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  • Laptop auto-power on?

    Just wondering is there any way to cause my laptop to automatically power on/resume from Hibernation when AC power is supplied? I say this because I've got a laptop power supply installed in my car, via the cigarette lighter and it'd be great to have the laptop power on without me having to open the lid, press the button etc etc.

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    read this first

    then read this

    and then you'll know enough to search and find the answer.

    Also, post questions like this to the Newbie forum, people will be alot more accepting of questions that are continuously asked, like this


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      LMFAO n00b. I DID search. Why, pray tell, do you think I posted?!
      1996 Volvo 850 T5 CD - Eventually I'll start....


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        And GUESS WHAT! I didn't find any way to do it without opening my brand new laptop
        1996 Volvo 850 T5 CD - Eventually I'll start....


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          i stand corrected, and'll take the noob label.

          yet still an oddly basic question for such a "veteran", since this topic has been discussed extensively.


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            Does your BIOS have a option for AC power recovery?

            If you opened your laptop you could add a relay. (Constant to Momentary Output)

            Does it have a modem? Support resume on ring?

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              If you dont want to open up your new latop you can get a dock/port replicator. almost all have a power button on them, so you would only have to open up the dock to connect a relay as mentioned above

              Inspiron 1300 new? are you putting a widescreen laptop in the car?


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                I am. Probably will get one. It can wake on LAN. will check BIOS
                1996 Volvo 850 T5 CD - Eventually I'll start....


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                  Sorry for jumping at you. I'd just got up and had my driving licence to sit lol.

                  I apologise, I've looked, yet I saw nothing.

                  1996 Volvo 850 T5 CD - Eventually I'll start....


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                    i think i was the one that jumped (links to faq section),
                    no offense taken though.

                    I do think its odd to put a widescreen laptop in the car, ive been wanting one for a while. Not sure what your planned setup is, but having it hidden away seems like a waste of the widescreen goodness


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                      I would also give up on WOL, its kinda of a pain in the ***. For normal networked PC's it works fine, but troublesome in a car. For WOL a specific "wake-up" packet needs to be sent, as far as i know there is no simple way to electronically send such a signal


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                        I think you should just take it apart anyway...

                        Try RevFE
                        The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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                          ive been looking to do the same thing with my laptop, ide like to find out more about the WOR option with the modem b/c ripping apart and soldering on my laptop isnt something i want done. besides im lazy and i want it to just come on without pushing any buttons.


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                            I would just get a docking station and mod the dock instead.
                            That way, you can use the laptop while not in the car.
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                              sure...the easy way, but with a docking station you still need to wire in a button and press it...