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Using Laptop MTB for carputer what is the best way to provide power?

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  • Using Laptop MTB for carputer what is the best way to provide power?

    I have a Dell M70 that I have yanked the motherboard out of and have been searching threads for clear details on providing power to it. Money is no object and I want it to be seemless (ie: no bulky power inverter and when the car turns on the system comes out of standby). Any help is appreciated.

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    YOu need yourself a DC-DC power unit. Check out the Power Supply forum for information and reviews. You'll have to determine your max power needs but I think an Opus could work for you.


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      Why not just use a laptop car power adapter and wemasters auto power module. Thats my plan.
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        Can you point me to the laptop car power adapter? I am not all that familiar with how to wire a DC-DC adapter to the MTB of a laptop.


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          I'm using one of these, works great.
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            Originally posted by scotty562 View Post

            I'm using one of these, works great.
            Can you wire this directly to the battery or does it have to plug into the lighter? Also what are you using for a startup/shutdown controller.


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              alittle more and you can buy a proper dc to dc with startup/shudown controller. That way you can power other devices as well.
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