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Question about Laptop Power on/off

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  • Question about Laptop Power on/off

    Hello All,

    I am a newbie to the carputer world, but have been reading about it for a year. I recently scored a free laptop from work, a HP nc6000: 14", 40 gig drive, dvd-rom, centrino 1.8, 1 gig ram, built in wifi, plenty for power for carputer.

    Here is my question. I know powering a laptop on and off is kind of difficult compared to a desktop setup and perhaps one of the biggest cons for a laptop setup. But I was thinking to hook it up to a docking station. Then connect the docking station to a direct car adapter power plug which would goto a cigarete lighter. Now, here's the thing: The docking station has a power on/off switch of its own, I think it would be quite easier to mod that to a power switch then modding the laptop itself.

    What do you guys think? Also, laptop being a docking station, I could have all my wires connected to the station adn then just undock my laptop when I leave the car and take it with me. Safer that way too.

    So any opinions on that setup?


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    Turning a laptop on/off difficult?? :-p NAAA lol

    A Docking station makes it safer, meaning it's safer (and usually easier) to mod your docking station than your laptop (not that doing so is all that difficult). You are also correct that it would make it easy to remove the laptop without have to fool with as many connections.